Electricity is essential for modern society, supporting economic growth and development.

5 Electricity Related Facts That Could Surprise You

Electricity is the power that makes the life of human beings possible. It is the source of different forms of energy. It has multiple applications in daily life as well as in different industries. Some of the most important things that we use electricity for are:


How To Improve The Quality Of Computer Screen?

Are you aware that computer screen affects the overall quality of life?

Computer screen plays a vital role in our life, but we don’t know about its effect on us.

Most of the time we are facing with the computer monitor or the computer screen and it’s not always visible. So, let me ask you this question:

Can you watch your movies, read a book or use your computer on the monitor that’s not visible to you?

No, but when I asked you this question, then you know that monitor is used for you. When you are sitting on a chair with the computer monitor you are feeling comfortable and relaxed.

As soon as you switch off the monitor, your life will become boring and uninteresting. When the monitor goes dark your whole day starts getting boring. But there are some simple things that you can do to keep your monitor active and interesting.

Let’s have a quick look at these things.

Tips to improve quality of computer screen:

Clean the monitor

You know that your monitor is made of glass that’s why it will get dirty and dusty over time. So, you need to clean the screen regularly. You can do this easily by keeping a soft cloth in front of your eyes.

You will see a white film on the monitor. You can wipe it off with the help of a soft cloth. You should make sure that the monitor is cleaned well because dust or any dirt may spoil the visibility of your eyes.

Use a good contrast setting

Do you know that when the monitor is not properly calibrated, it will spoil the quality of the display? So, you need to calibrate the monitor if it’s not working properly.

If the color is too bright or too dark, it will make the entire monitor look weird. So, you need to check the brightness level and color level. If the color or the brightness is not right, then you need to adjust it.

Keep the monitor at a proper angle

Don’t keep the monitor in extreme angles or in a position where it will cast the shadows on the screen. A proper and accurate viewing distance will help you to view the content properly.

This way you can keep the monitor in the center of the room and keep it at a proper distance. So, there won’t be any problem in your vision and the overall quality of your display will get better.

Keep the brightness and contrast in balance

The lightness and darkness of the monitor should be at a proper balance. If you notice the lightness is very less then it will make you feel uncomfortable. And if you notice the darkness is too high then it will ruin the visibility of the images.

So, make sure that the brightness and the contrast is maintained at a perfect balance.


Now you know some of the best things to keep your computer screen quality. You must follow these simple things for your monitor to make it work better and give you a relaxed and fun time.




Coffee makers



Cooking appliances






Mobile phones


Microwave ovens

Home Appliances

LED lights

Digital cameras


The list is endless. Nowadays there are so many inventions related to electricity that it has become impossible to mention all of them here. I will tell you about five facts that you might not know about electricity. Here are the interesting facts about electricity that you might not know before.

#1 : Electricity Can Be Generated Without any Fuel

Most people have this belief that electricity needs fuel to produce it. There is no such thing, it is generated without any kind of fuel. The truth is that electric power is created when high voltage current flows from a generator. It is created by a device called dynamo. A dynamo is similar to a battery but a dynamo is not limited to just storing energy. It actually produces energy which is why it is called a dynamo. This dynamo can be placed either on land or at sea. The water that is used to create the energy is not converted to electricity. It is only used as a medium in which the dynamo can create the current.

#2 : How Does Electricity Work?

As I already mentioned above, it is a current that flows from one place to another. The voltage that is used to generate this current is created by a dynamo and it is done through a process known as electromagnetic induction. It occurs as soon as the current from the dynamo reaches to the magnetic field of a wire. It causes a change in the current and that is how the current is changed into a voltage. In this process, energy is transferred from one thing to another.

#3 : How Do We Get the Energy to Make Electricity?

There is a theory that says that electricity was created by a divine being. This being is called “El” and he is a god. It is believed that this being is the reason why we use electricity. Although we do not know much about this being, we can still imagine what kind of power he has. It is said that this being is capable of making all things possible with the help of a device called “The Generator”. This is what we call electricity.

#4 : How Long Does Electricity Last?

It is a common misconception that we can get unlimited power from electricity. We actually use very little of this power, but in the end, it runs out. The amount of time it takes for the power to run out varies on different devices, but there is one fact that remains the same. The moment it is running out, the lights will go off.

#5 : Are Humans the Only Creatures who Can Use Electricity?

It is a common misconception that humans are the only creatures who can use electricity. Actually, many animals and plants can also use it. Animals like moths, worms, snails, ants, fish, plants and many others can use it to a certain extent. If you want to know more about this topic, then you can read about the history of electricity and the inventions made by humans.


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