Electricity is a form of energy resulting from the movement of electrons.

Did you know that your mobile phone consumes a lot of power and this energy is not good for you? Well, it might sound ridiculous but there are certain tips to save electricity from your mobile phone. Let’s discuss the tips together.

Don’t Use Your Phone At Night

Your smartphone is your biggest companion when it comes to internet, email and everything else. It has become the part of your life that you cannot live without. But at the same time, you cannot live without a smartphone. It becomes a part of your life that you cannot just stop using it without getting any trouble.

When you turn on your phone after working hours, it starts to send you notifications and sometimes you ignore it thinking that you can read it tomorrow. But, you have no option but to answer the call.

Do you know that you are not the only person who has to spend hours together in the night due to the lack of sleep? There are many people around you who are going through the same situation. They cannot sleep at night because their phone is disturbing them.

Do you know that this is not a good habit? It’s a dangerous habit which will take a toll on your health and quality of life. It will negatively impact your health and can lead to depression and other mental disorders.

According to a study conducted by Sleepio in 2020, it was found that the people who spent time with their phones before sleeping had disturbed sleep. The study was conducted on nearly 3000 people for a period of 3 months.

The most shocking fact of this study is that the smartphone usage before sleep affects people differently. Some people had disturbed sleep whereas some did not have that much of disturbance.

Here are few of the bad effects that your phone is creating in your body:

1. Lowered blood pressure

It was found that people who spent time on their smartphones before going to bed were unable to fall asleep within a short span of time. This was one of the reasons that could be causing a decrease in the level of blood pressure. It is said that the level of blood pressure decreases up to 10% when someone is not able to get enough sleep.

2. Reduced heart rate

People who spend time with their smartphones before going to bed are unable to enjoy a healthy rest. It was found that the people who kept their phone by their bed before going to sleep had a significantly lower rate of heart beats than those who used their phone later on.

3. Increased cortisol levels

A person who uses his or her phone right before going to sleep for the entire night is unable to feel the benefits of the deep sleep. This increase in the level of cortisol leads to reduced sleep duration and poor quality of sleep.

4. Impaired glucose metabolism

In a similar way, the smartphone usage is having a negative effect on the glucose level in the body. A person who is using his or her phone right before going to sleep for the entire night has higher chances of developing diabetes and other metabolic problems.

5. An increased risk of breast cancer

This is a very serious health issue for women and it is something that you cannot ignore. The risk of getting breast cancer increases in case if a person keeps his or her phone next to her bed for more than 2 hours.


We all know that your smartphone is your most important companion and you can’t live without it. But if you don’t want to suffer from health issues, then you must limit your smartphone usage.


We all use our phones during night hours, but this is not a good habit. We must understand that, your smartphone needs energy and if you use it at night, then there will be no other option than switching off your phone.

Turn off your LED screen

The LED screen of your mobile phone is the major reason behind wasting lots of energy. If you aren’t getting any notifications from your phone, then turn it off. You can also switch on airplane mode which will help you to save lots of energy.

Use Wi-Fi less

If you want to reduce the power consumption then you should reduce the usage of Wi-Fi. Try to change the network to LTE or GSM.

If you are using more than one charger in your house, then switch it off. You can also use the battery-less charging technique to save energy from your smartphone.

Use energy saving apps

If you want to save energy, then you can install various apps on your phone which will allow you to control the settings of your smartphone. For example, you can use the app called Power Saver Mode. It will allow you to automatically switch off your device when you go to sleep.


It is quite easy to save electricity, but it will be great if you follow these tips. Also, try to share the tips with your friends and family members, it will help you to reduce the power consumption from your phone and this will be helpful for your pocket.

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